What reminder emails will RIW System Administrators receive?

The majority of expiries are managed via the expires tab in the RIW system. Please refer to our article How does a company monitor expiries? for more information.

The Expires tab can provide information regarding the annual company subscription, RIW cardholder annual subscriptions, competency expiries, cards, medicals and ID checks. 

Email reminder notifications are sent to all RIW System Administrators at 12 weeks, 4 weeks, 1 week and on the day of expiry for company and cardholder subscriptions.  All other expiries should be monitored through the Expiries tab in the RIW system.

RIW System Administrators can also elect for cardholders to receive expiry emails by checking the "Receive Expiry Emails" box on the Status Options menu on the cardholders profile. 

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