How to use the PC Card Reader

PC Card Readers can be used by Access Controllers or Spot Checkers to swipe cardholders into site or to check their compliance via a PC or laptop with an attached card reader.  The PC Card Reader will read the smartchip embedded in the physical RIW card. The PC Card Reader can not be used with virtual RIW cards.

The RIW System is compatible with the following PC Card Readers:

  • Identive uTrust 3700 F Contactless
  • Identive SCM SCL3711, USB 13.56 Mhz ISO 14443, Mifare, Felica Reader

Most USB PC Card Readers can be installed by simply connecting them to a PC and relying on Windows’ Plug-and-Play feature to install the required drivers automatically.

The USB PC Card Reader approved for use with the RIW system however requires the installation of hardware drivers. These can be downloaded from the manufacturers website:

To confirm the PC Card Reader has been successfully installed on your windows laptop/PC, or to update the relevant drivers for the PC Card Reader, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Windows icon.
  2. Type Device Manager in the search field.
  3. Look for Smart Card Readers or Smart Card Devices.
  4. Click on the icon to drop down the list.
  5. Confirm the type of PC Card Reader driver you installed is visible on the list.
  6. Right click and choose Update Driver Software.
  7. Follow the prompts.

Step 1 - Download the PC Card Reader Installer

Go to and click on the Download PC Card Reader link. The log on screen will change to the PC Card Reader Application window, where you can download the installer and installation guide. Click on PC Card Reader installer.

Step 2 - Install the application

Save the file to your computer, and then run the application to install.

Once the application begins to run, click the Next button to confirm the location for the installation

Click the Install button and wait for the application to finish installing.

Click the Finish button once the PC Card Connector Setup Wizard has been completed.

Step 3 - Launch the application

Click on the application to launch, if it hasn’t automatically launched.


If the application is minimised on launch, you can maximise it by double clicking on the icon in the notifications area.

Alternatively, you can right click on the icon and click on log in.

Step 4 - Create username and password

When the application runs, it will prompt you to create a username and password. Read and agree to the terms and conditions by ticking the box, then enter your username and password. Click continue to proceed.


The username and password will be used by everyone who needs to log into the PC Card Connector on the device when they want to use the card reader. 

This username and password will be the same credentials used on the PC Card Reader website.

It may be a good idea to name the PC Card Reader as “Site XXX” with a generic password.

Step 5 - Detect smart card reading devices

After the application has loaded, it will pick up any smart card reading devices attached to the computer.

If the application does not pick up any attached card readers, please check to ensure you have installed the driver correctly.

If you have installed the driver and the card reader appears functional, please unplug and plug back in.

If you have unplugged and plugged the card reader back in and no devices have been found, please restart your computer.

Step 6 - Add a connection

To add a new connection, click on the Add Connection button and type in

Once completed it should look like the image below.

Once this is complete, please ensure the application is still running i.e. DO NOT EXIT THE APPLICATION.

Step 7 - Go to the PC Card Reader site

Go to and type in your username and password, which are the ones used to install the PC Card Connector application at Step 4.

Step 8 - Authenticate the Access Controller or Spot Checker

Once logged in, scan the Access Controller or Spot Checker's RIW card to begin.

Step 9 - Choose location

Once swiped in as the Access Controller or Spot Checker, you must select your network, project and site (as applicable).

Step 10 - Main Menu

From this menu, you can do a number of functions such as swiping in/out RIW cardholders to verify/spot check competencies and award site based competencies.

For more information about this functionality, you may wish to refer to our article on RIW App for Access Controllers, which describes similar functionality to the PC Card Reader system. Also, please refer to the full PC Card Reader User Guide available from the login screen.

Important notes for PC Card Readers

  • It is important to note that you must leave your card on the smart card reading device until the application has finished reading the credentials. The page will tell you the progress of reading the card. It may take 5-7 seconds.
  • You may experience Windows pop-up notifications as part of this process, please ignore the pop-up notifications whilst swiping a card.

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