What fees are paid by companies?

For companies with RIW cardholders, there is a simple six-tier structure for calculating the annual company subscription fee. Initially the fee was based on the number of primary RIW cardholders working for that company when Metro Trains Australia received migrated worker data from the previous service provider on 20 May 2019.  The annual company subscription fee is then reviewed periodically as detailed in the Company Registration Terms.

TierRIW ParticipantAnnual Fee
1Organisations with 250+ RIW cardholders and "Fee Paying Rail Transport Operators"$25,000 +GST
2Organisations with 80-249 RIW cardholders$6,550 +GST
3Organisations with 30-79 RIW cardholders
$3,650 +GST
4Organisations with 10-29 RIW cardholders
$1,625 +GST
5Organisations with 4-9 RIW cardholders
$1,000 +GST
6Organisations with 0-3 RIW cardholders

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