How does an Authorised Health Professional add a Drug and/or Alcohol result to a cardholder record

The Medicals home screen allows an Authorised Health Professional to view and record medical and D&A test results for cardholders. From here, medical and D&A results are recorded. Historic results recorded by the logged in user and their colleagues can also be viewed. 

Step 1

Go to and log in using your AHP credentials. 

Step 2

Click the Record D&A Result button in the Medicals shortcut box on the Main Dashboard to display the following screen:

Step 3

To search for a cardholder, enter the cardholders surname, RIW number and date of birth.  Note: all details must be entered correctly to access the cardholder’s profile. 

Click search to display the cardholder details.

Step 4

Highlight the cardholder and click Select to access the cardholders profile and record the drug and/or alcohol result.

Step 5

When the cardholders profile displays, click on the Record D&A Result icon.

Step 6

The Drugs and Alcohol Results screen will display. Enter all mandatory data fields marked with a red asterisk (*).

The cardholder’s details and name of the logged in AHP user and their organisation will be automatically populated on the form, as well as today’s date for the Examination Date .

Enter all the remaining relevant information into the appropriate fields, selecting the Test Type, Test Reason, Drug Test Result and Alcohol Test Result from the dropdown lists presented. Be sure to complete all the mandatory fields marked with a red asterisk (*). Supporting documentation (maximum file size 10Mb) must also be attached to the record in the following formats: PDF, JPG, JPEG or PNG.

Note: The D&A result will not be valid until an attachment has been added. Until then, any previous D&A result will apply when determining competence or role validity.

Add any Notes (not clinical information) by typing in the text box provided. 

When all the information has been entered correctly, click the Save button and confirm the result, when prompted.  

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