Kiosk error message - Kiosk Under Maintenance – Please contact an Access Controller for site entry

Error MessageKiosk Under Maintenance - Please contact an Access Controller for site entry

This message implies that the Kiosk has had no internet connective for over 72 hours.  To confirm this, check whether the WIFI symbol in the top right hand corner of the screen is active or not active.

To rectify the issue, follow steps below first.  If issue persist contact the RIW Service Desk for support.


Troubleshooting steps

  • Check that the router / network on site is functioning correctly.  If so, then:
    • Open Kiosk door 
    • Restart PC device (little black box inside kiosk – button should be on the side)
    • Wait for device to restart and launch     
    • Confirm network is still available (check router lights are flashing green)
    • Check to see if the error message is resolved.


NOTE: Avoid restarting the kiosk directly from the powerpoint, which will also restart the router.  Routers can sometimes take up to 10 minutes to connect.

Still not working?

  • Please raise a request for maintenance by going to the RIW BOT located in the bottom right hand corner of the RIW website
  • When the BOT appears, please choose the Service Requests menu item, enter in your contact details and then choose the Hardware Maintenance Request option when prompted. Complete the request and submit for action by the RIW Service Desk.

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