How are receipts or tax invoices managed?

There are a number of items in the RIW System that require payment.  These items can be paid via the following:

  • The Shopping Basket in the RIW System
  • By submitting a Service Request on the RIW website 

This instruction will detail both payment options as each of these payment methods have specific instructions on how order confirmations, receipts and tax invoices are provided.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - Read Only

Shopping Basket in the RIW System

Step 1: Complete the payment in Shopping Basket

Once a chargeable item has been added to the Shopping Basket (i.e.. fast track competencies, ID checks, cardholder subscriptions etc.) and it appears on the Checkout screen, click on either Card / PayPal or Pay On Account (for Premium Functionality Employers with Pay on Account enabled only) in the Payment Options section.  When the appropriate option has been chosen, click on Make Payment.

The below screen demonstrates the Card / PayPal option.

The below screen shows the Pay on Account Option.  If this option is chosen, a PO Number (Purchase Order) must also be included.

Step 2: Make Card/Paypal Payment

Once the Make Payment button has been clicked, you will be directed to the Card / Paypal payment system to complete the payment.  Please refer to our RIW Knowledge Centre article How to use the shopping basket and process a payment with PayPal?

Pay On Account transactions take no further action at this point, as clicking on the Make Payment button will process the payment.

Step 3: Payment History shortcut

Click on the Payment History shortcut


Click on the Payment History tab on the top right hand side of the main dashboard.

Step 4: Search criteria

Use the Search criteria fields to narrow the number of items returned in the list.  You can sort the list by item type (i.e ID verifications, fast track verifications etc.), order number, RIW number etc,

Click the Search button to perform the search using the criteria set.

Step 5: Payment History listing

Highlight the payment item and click on the View button.

Step 6: Payment History listing

The GST receipt/order will appear in a separate tab

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