Connecting a new user to Power BI Reporting

This article provides instructions on how to connect a user to the RIW reporting service that uses Microsoft Power BI, where the user has not used this service before.

At this time, access can be requested to the “Job Role Validity Status Matrix” report for Employer Administrators.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Employer Admin - Read Only
  • Network Manager
  • Network Manager - Read Only

Step 1: Requesting Access

The Microsoft Power BI reporting for RIW (“RIW Power BI”) requires a user account in RIW with the above RIW System User Role Permission. When a user logs into Power BI, the email address of the Power BI user must match the email address of the user in RIW. 

RIW Power BI then uses the information from that login to ensure only information accessible via the users permission in the RIW UI is visible.

Users should request access to RIW Power BI by submitting an E-Learning Request for Power BI Reporting (Tier 1) Service Request at

Step 2 - Connecting to the report

Once a user has been granted access to RIW Power BI, they will receive an email as per the example below. Such emails will originate from “Microsoft Power BI”:

The user should click on the View App > link

Note: The App is simply a packaged version of the report.

If the user is already signed into Power BI with the same email address for their user account in RIW, the report should be launched.

If the user is not already in, the following screen will appear:

The user has the option to sign in or create a new account via the Buy Now button. A 60-day trial can also be activated via the Buy Now > button while Microsoft continues to offer this.

Once signed in, the report “app” should appear, as per the example below. 

If the user has an existing Power BI license, Microsoft Power BI should recognise this and use the license for RIW Power BI.

Need more help?

Information in the report is refreshed as per the data refresh times. The date and time of the reports last refresh is shown at the top of each reporting page.

Please review the Help tab in the report for more information on how to use the report and information that is included. 

Any further queries should be directed to

RIW Knowledge Centre Article Link:

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