Known Issue: Reprinting cardholder stickers on RIW Kiosks

Some users have reported that when a cardholder re-signs into a RIW Kiosk and the kiosk prompts to reprint their cardholder sticker, the sticker may not print, and the kiosk pauses and appears to be "stuck".


If a user accidentally touches any part of the kiosk screen identified in yellow below, the kiosk will pause for approximately 60-90 seconds before returning to the Main Menu. The cardholder sticker will not print. 

Despite this, the cardholder will be signed in to the site.

How to deal with the issue

  • The user must click either the YES or NO button precisely to proceed, and not any part of the screen identified in yellow above.
  • If the screen is accidentally touched in the yellow area and the kiosk appears paused:
    • Wait approximately 60-90 seconds for the system to return to the Main Menu.
    • If a cardholder sticker is required, sign out of the site and sign back in again. In this case, a cardholder sticker will automatically print.

When will the issue be resolved?

The issue is with the developer and will be resolved in April 2022.

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