Known Issue: Deny Reasons Refreshed error on the RIW App

Some users have reported that a Deny Reasons Refreshed error message displays on the RIW App which prevents use of the RIW App.  


Our Technical Team have identified that the error is due a cached data issue. The RIW App appears to get stuck on the next process, which is to upload data stored in the cache to the RIW System.

How to deal with the issue

If the "Deny Reasons Refreshed" error displays on the RIW App.

  1. Turn the internet/wifi connectivity off by enabling airplane mode.
  2. Close the RIW App completely, ensuring it is removed from the system tray.
  3. Launch the RIW App again. It should successfully complete the "Deny Reasons Refresh" step and launch as normal.
  4. Disable airplane mode and turn the internet/wifi connectivity on.

When will the issue be resolved?

The issue is with the developer and will be resolved as part of the scheduled RIW System update in July/August 2022.

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