How does a company configure a Physical Access Control (PAC) Reader for a site?

In the rail network, some sites have Physical Access Control (PAC) readers in place for cardholders to swipe themselves in and out of site, instead of being swiped by an Access Controllers. PAC readers also includes turnstiles, gates and boomgates. 

This article will describe how to view/edit an existing PAC reader attached to a site.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to and login using your credentials. 

Step 2: Administration tab

Click on the Administration tab.

Step 3: PAC Readers shortcut

Click on the PAC Readers shortcut.

Step 4: PAC Readers listing

Highlight the PAC Reader to be viewed or edited.

From this screen, it is possible to view and edit how each PAC Reader linked to the assigned site has been configured. PAC Readers can also be defined with specific sites requirements for cardholder entry. For more information regarding PAC readers please contact the RIW Service Desk.

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