Creating a custom report

Reporting is a useful tool available to many different users within the RIW system. User permissions dictate the types of reports that can be run or accessed; pre-defined system reports or custom reports.

Step 1

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2

Click on the Reports tab.

Depending on the permission of the logged in Administrator, users can either Create Reports or run, schedule or delete an Existing Report. This guide details the process to create a report. Click on Create Report.

Step 3

On the Report Tables page, select the themes required to generate the report by expanding the list by clicking on the + button and placing a check in the required fields.  Note that you can choose more than one field.

Click continue when you are ready to progress.

Step 4

On the Report Columns page, select the columns required for the report, up to a maximum of 20 columns.  To access more columns, click on the Show All Columns hyperlink. Click Continue when all columns have been selected.


Step 5

The Report Filters page also allows the results to be filtered, or to apply logic and run time filters. Click Continue when complete.

Step 6

Once the report has been generated, it can be viewed on screen or exported as a comma separated value (CSV) file. To ensure the integrity of the RIW System when generating larger reports, the export function may result in the report being processed offline and a link being emailed to the user. Users can expect the email within a few minutes. 

Users can also elect to save the report.

Saving the report will allow the user to schedule the report to run at set times and automatically e-mail it to recipients (note: this can be emailed to any email address, not just those registered in the RIW system).  Fill in the details as per below to schedule the report. Click Save when complete.

Note: For more detailed guidance on creating reports (including definitions on the logic filters which can be applied), please consult the User Guide available in the top right-hand corner of the RIW System screen.

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