How does a company order a physical or virtual RIW card?

This article will demonstrate how to order a physical or virtual RIW card for an RIW cardholder.

Step 1

Go to and login using Employer Administrator credentials.

Step 2

Click on the People tab or Search For My People shortcut on the Main Dashboard to locate the worker.

Step 3

Enter a search field or leave blank to bring up the entire workforce. Select the worker by highlighting their name and clicking on edit button.

Step 4

Firstly, ensure cardholder details such as home address, personal email address and phone number are up to date. Click on the Contact Details tab on the left-hand side menu and update details if required. Click save if any details are updated.

Step 5

Next, to request a card for the worker, select the Cards tab on the left-hand side menu.  All the requirements for requesting a card should be flagged with a green tick.  If any are missing, they will be flagged with a red cross and card request will be unable to progress until the requirements have been met in full.

Step 6

The card delivery address needs to be confirmed. There are two options:

1. Deliver to the Employer

By default, the name of the logged in user automatically populates the Recipient field as shown in the screen, however, the name of another administrator or person can be entered manually instead.  

Next, start to type the name of the relevant Delivery Address and select it from the options displayed:

Note: The Delivery Address can only be one of the Offices added as part of the employer’s RIW profile - these can be viewed via the main My Account tab.

2. Deliver to the cardholder

If the card should be delivered direct to the cardholder, tick the Deliver card to Worker? checkbox and the next screen will display the worker’s personal address where the card will be delivered. 

Note: if requesting card delivery to the worker’s address ensure this is correct and up to date

For both delivery options, click the checkbox to confirm the worker’s photograph is less than 6 months old and click the Request Card button.

The card request will be passed electronically to the card issuing organisation and dispatched. Manufacture and delivery of the card can take up to 2 weeks.

Step 7

To issue a virtual RIW card for immediate use by the cardholder, click on the Cards tab on the cardholder’s profile. From here, click Request Virtual Card.

Step 8

On the next screen, a request can now be sent to the cardholder via the appropriate delivery method. Click on Send by Email or Send by SMS radio button as required.

Click Save and Send and the instructions for registering the virtual card will be sent to the worker by the selected method.

Note: An Employer Administrator can review the card production status of all cards by selecting the Card Status shortcut from the Main Dashboard.

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