How can a cardholder dispute or appeal a medical or drug & alcohol assessment outcome?

In some cases, a company or a cardholder may wish to dispute the outcome of a medical or drug & alcohol assessment that was rejected by the RIW Service Desk due to a National or Network Business Rule which could prevent them from working on a particular Network.

To dispute a medical assessment outcome, the cardholder must complete a Cardholder Dispute or Appeal Service Request on the RIW website at by selecting category & sub-category mentioned in the screenshot below, providing as much information as required to support the application, outlining the medical decision and the reason for dispute. The RIW Service Desk will appeal to the Chief Medical Officer of the relevant Network Operator on their behalf.

If the cardholder wishes to appeal the Chief Medical Officer's decision, please reply to the email advising of the previous outcome and request the RIW Service Desk to further appeal to the Chief Medical Officer's Council on their behalf.  The outcome of this review will be final.

Note: If a medical assessment impacts a National role, the RIW Service Desk will seek a review directly from the Chief Medical Officer's Council.

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