How does a company add a new job role to a cardholders profile?

Step 1

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2

Click on the People tab or the Search For My People shortcut on the main dashboard.

Step 3

Enter cardholder details into the search field or leave blank and click on search to bring up the workforce.  Select the cardholder you wish to allocate a role to by highlighting their name and clicking on the Edit button.

Step 4

Once the cardholder profile appears, click on the Job Roles tab on the left hand side menu, and then click the add button to add a new job role.

Step 5

On the Assign Job Role pop-up, begin typing in the job role field and a drop down list of available job roles will appear. You must also enter a start date. 

Note: Employer-based job roles can only be created and assigned by Premium Functionality Employers.

Step 6

Once a job role has been selected, it will list the competencies associated with the job role.  If the worker is missing any of the required competencies, a pop-up box will ask whether you wish to cancel the job role pending attainment of the required competencies. Or you may choose to allocate the job role anyway, enabling the worker to work towards fulfilling the job role. Using the example below, the National - Around the track personnel was selected and in the image below it shows the missing competencies in the right hand side of the red box.

To add a missing competency, just double click on the entry to be taken to the Add Competencies screen.  Please refer to the article How does a company add a new competency to a cardholders profile? for more information.

VIDEO: Assigning / Suspending Job Roles

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