Competencies can be added to RIW cardholder profile in multiple ways, via the Employer Administrator for their company, uploading and sending for verification, directly from the Registered Training Organisation or after the completion of an E-Learning course.

If the training is completed through a Registered Training Organisation and they offer direct upload, they will assign the competency and upload the evidence directly, so no verification will be required. 

If the Employer Administrator assigns the competency and uploads the evidence, the competency will need to be verified by the RIW Service Desk. Standard verification occurs withing 2 business days, however Employer Administrators can elect and pay for fast track processing, which guarantees verification within 8 business hours.

In the instance a cardholder has completed a course via e-learning, the competency will be assigned to the RIW cardholders profile upon completion, and appear instantaneously as no verification is required.

Access Controllers can also assign a project, site or zone based competency to a cardholders profile, as long as the competency is awardable by Access Controllers.

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