Who can suspend a National or Network job role or competency?

Network Operators reserve the right to suspend, modify, reinstate, or cancel a cardholders authorisations, including their RIW card for any of the following reasons:

  • Any incident that results in the RIW demonstrating reckless act or legislative breach or
  • organisational breach;
  • The RIW is the subject of any action resulting from the Drug & Alcohol Testing;
  • Safe working breach;
  • Wherever a time-based remedial action is considered with a training/mentoring program to up-skill the RIW;
  • Competence and/or performance has, or may have, the potential to impact safety or is called into question;
  • The RIW is unable to meet competency requirements or re-certification is not granted;
  • Advice has been received that the RIW no longer meets the requirements of the national health standards; 
  • RIW has contravened a Fatigue Management Program; and/or
  • Other valid reason as determined by the Network Operator. 

Suspensions can be administered in two ways:

  • A job role suspension – this will prevent the RIW from undertaking work in the suspended job role, and 
  • A competence suspension – this will prevent a RIW from undertaking work in any role where the suspended competence is required.  

Depending on the outcome of an incident or re-certification assessment, a Network Operator may elect to suspend the RIW from their duties or downgrade their role or competency. Role and competence suspensions provide a Network Operator with an ability to prevent a RIW from working on their Network whilst still allowing the RIW to working on another Network Operators rail network.

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