Can a cardholder have a secondary employer?

A secondary employment request can only be sent to cardholders who have the Share Employment checkbox ticked on their cardholder profile. This can be found in the Status Options tab by the Primary Employer.

If this checkbox is ticked, a Secondary Employer can use the Search for New People function using the cardholder's surname, RIW number, and date of birth. The cardholder will appear on-screen, and an employment request can then be sent to the cardholder. 

When the cardholder logs into myRIW and accepts the employment request, the cardholder's profile will become visible to the Secondary Employer.

If the cardholder does not have the Share Employment checkbox ticked on their profile, the cardholder will need to ask their Primary Employer to allow secondary employment and tick it.

If the Primary Employer allows the cardholder to have secondary employment, the cardholder can have up to two (2) Secondary Employers.

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