How does a cardholder install the Vircarda App to manage their virtual RIW card?

The new RIW system allows cardholders to hold both a physical and virtual Rail Industry Worker card. The virtual card is maintained in a virtual wallet app called Vircarda, which is stored on the worker’s mobile device (either Android or iOS). The virtual card can be scanned/swiped in the same way as the physical card, thus allowing Access Controllers and Spot Checkers to verify job roles, competencies and any associated work restrictions prior to granting access to a worksite.


When a cardholder uses their virtual RIW card on site, the smart QR code generated through the Vircarda App refreshes every 30 seconds or when scanned. The Vircarda app must be used to generate the QR code each and every time a cardholder swipes on to a worksite, or is requested to provide their RIW card.


Virtual cards can be issued by a Primary Employer.

Step 1

When a virtual RIW card is requested for you by your Primary Employer, you will receive an email from (check your SPAM folder if you do not receive it) or an SMS (text message) with a link to instructions on how to download the Vircarda App and load the virtual RIW card.

Step 2

Install the Vircarda App from the App Store or Google Play, or by visiting


Step 3

Once successfully installed, enter the RIW registration number and PIN which was emailed or messaged.


Please contact the Primary Employer RIW Administrator if this information has not been received. 


If you have previously downloaded a virtual RIW card and registered an account, but have since changed your mobile device, you can use the ‘login’ function and follow the instructions to retrieve your RIW card.



Step 4

The virtual RIW card will be displayed. Please check the details are correct and select Continue.


If any of the details are incorrect on the card, select the Report issue with card


Step 5

To complete Account Registration, enter in an email address, create a password, insert your mobile phone number (to enable you to recover your account, should you forget your password or email address), click the box confirming you agree with the Terms and Conditions and select Create Account.


Step 6

The virtual RIW card will now be visible on the dashboard within the Vircarda App and can be used when swiping into site, or are spot checked on site.


To enable the card to be read onsite, select the Read Card option to present the smart QR code.


The Spot Checker or Access Controller can then read the virtual card using the standard RIW App.


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