How does a company submit a job role for assessment?

Some job roles require assessment, and this guide is designed for employers to send a job role for assessment to a qualified Assessor.

Step 1

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2

Select the People tab, then click the Search for my People icon.

Step 3

Select the cardholders profile by highlighting their name and selecting the Edit button.

Step 4

Once in the cardholders profile, select the job roles tab and then Add to add a new job role to the cardholders profile. For more detailed steps please refer to the article How does a company add a new job role to a cardholders profile?.

Step 5

Fill in the job role field by starting to type in the job role name, and then select an option from the drop down menu. Enter a start date and a leave date if applicable. Click Save.

Step 6

Ensure the cardholder has the correct competencies to fulfil the job role. For detailed steps refer to the article How does a company add a new competency to a cardholders profile?.

Step 7

Highlight the job role to be assessed and click Submit for Assessment.

Step 8

Select an Assessor by clicking on the white field. This will display the Select Assessors screen.

Step 9

To search for an assessor, enter the RIW number, first name or surname of the required Assessor in the relevant field(s), or leave all the fields blank and select Search.

Note: Only Assessors who have been assigned to assess the selected job role by the RIW Service Desk will be available for selection. 

Step 10

Highlight the chosen assessor and choose Select

Step 11

Click Save. An email will be sent to the Assessor alerting them of the pending assessment.

Step 12

From the home page, Employer Administrators will be able to monitor the status of pending job roles sent for assessment.

Step 13

By clicking on Job Role Assessments monitor pending, approved and rejected job role assessments. 

Step 14

If a job role was rejected, view the rejection note before resubmitting for assessment. To view the assessment notes, highlight the cardholder name and click View Assessment Notes.

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