How does a Network Operator set up a project in the RIW system?

Network Operators are the only user group (apart from the RIW Service Desk) that can create a new project. During the creation of a project, the Network Operator is responsible for listing the Contractor in Charge (CIC). The CIC can then create sites and zones to assist with managing the workforce and activities occurring in and around the project. 

Step 1

Go to and login using your Network Operator credentials

Step 2

Click on the Create / Manage Projects shortcut available on the Main Dashboard. 

Alternatively, you can click on the Administration tab at the top of the screen, followed by the Projects shortcut

Step 3

Click on the Add button.

Step 4

Enter the project name, description and assign the Contractor In Charge (CIC). To be assigned as the CIC, the contractor must be an employer with an active subscription in the RIW system. To assign the project to a CIC, start to type the name of the contractor and the name will appear from the drop down menu. Click Save when complete.

Step 5

If required, the Network Operator may add any competency requirements (optional) that will be set as prerequisites for the project by clicking on the Requirements tab on the left hand side menu. Please refer to the User Guide available in the top left hand corner of the RIW system screen for more detailed instructions on this process.

Once the CIC has created sites within their project, the Network Operator will be able to view the sites by clicking on the Sites tab on the left hand side menu.

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