What standard is required for a RIW identification photograph?

A cardholders photo is crucial to the usability and security of their Rail Industry Worker (RIW) card. If the photo does not meet the standards detailed below, the RIW card may not pass the ID check process and the company may need to order a new card with an appropriate photo for which a replacement card fee will be charged. 

Please ensure the photo uploaded conforms to the following requirements:

  • JPEG or PNG file format.
  • Less than 4 MB in size.
  • Of good quality and less than six months old.
  • Clear, focused image with no marks or 'red eye'.
  • Plain white or light grey background that contrasts the face.
  • Uniform lighting (no shadows or reflections) with appropriate brightness and contrast to show natural skin tone.
  • Face looking directly at the camera and not tilted in any direction.
  • Hair off the face so that the edges of the face are visible.
  • Eyes open, mouth closed.
  • Neutral expression (not smiling, laughing or frowning). 
  • Head coverings should be plain coloured and must be worn in such a way as to show the face from the bottom of the chin to the top of the forehead, and with the edges of the face visible.
  • Jewellery must not obscure any part of the face, especially the area around the eyes, mouth and nose. There must be no reflection from rings or studs.
  • Glasses are not allowed. In rare cases they may be permitted where glasses cannot be removed for medical reasons (e.g. severe light sensitivity or recent eye surgery). Vision impairment alone is not sufficient for medical exemption.

Note: A copy or scan of a driver’s licence, passport or photo ID will not be accepted.

Photo Examples

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