What is an Access Controller?

An Access Controller is a Rail Industry Worker who has been nominated by their organisation to scan a Rail Industry Worker Card (physical or virtual) to:

  • Check in and verify a Rail Industry Worker to ensure they have the appropriate, current and valid competencies to undertake work before entering a site.
  • View work restrictions, blocks or suspensions associated with a Rail Industry Worker and deny access to site.
  • View job roles associated with a Rail Industry Worker.
  • Award site-based competencies and view pending competencies.
  • Change site locations for teams or individual Rail Industry Workers.
  • View shift history of a Rail Industry Worker to support fitness for duty and site working hour rules.

They perform this role by scanning a worker's RIW card using the RIW App or Web Card Reader.  

An Access Controller could be a Track Force Protection Coordinator, Protection Officer, Site Supervisor, or other supervisory role.

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