Step 1

Go to and login using your RTO credentials.

Step 2

Click on the Competencies tab and then the Assign Competencies to Multiple People shortcut.

Step 3

The following Add Competencies screen will display:

Enter the surnameRIW number and date of birth of the first cardholder to award the competency.

Note: the cardholders details must be entered correctly, else the record cannot be located. When located, their details will appear as per below

Click on the cardholders profile, and then click Add to add them to the Selected People panel on the left of the screen. Repeat the process for each cardholder to add the same competency to.

Note: If you wish to remove a cardholder from the Selected People panel, simply click the red x next to their name and the record will be removed.

Step 4

Once all cardholders have been added to the list, you can now select the competency to be assigned to these selected cardholders. Firstly, choose whether a National, Employer or Network competency is to be added by clicking on the relevant tab. In the following example we will add a National competency.

If known, select the Category from the drop down box. If you do not know the category the competency falls under, leave this field to Show All. Next, start typing the name of the competency in the Competency field as shown above. The system will return matching competencies as you begin to type, allowing you to quickly find the correct one. 

Select the required competency from the list presented and add an Award Date from the calendar. If the chosen competency has been defined as having a variable Expiry Date, this will also need to be added. Click Add to award the competency to the selected cardholders.

A confirmation popup will appear, confirming that the competency has been awarded successfully and to whom. If a competency requires mandatory evidence, a warning message will be displayed.

The message will advise that mandatory evidence is required for this competency. For each cardholder, click on the Select Files button and browse the computer to locate the appropriate evidence file for each cardholder. 

Note: The maximum file size per piece of evidence is 10mb and only files with *.jpg *.jpeg *.pdf and *.png extensions are permissible.

When all the evidence has been located and uploaded, click the Finish button to upload the evidence files and assign the competency to these cardholders. A confirmation will be displayed confirming that the Competency has been awarded successfully and to whom.

Video: System Walkthrough for Registered Training Organisations