RIW cardholders have a maximum allowance of 10 times in which they can use the forgotten card function when swiping in to site with an Access Controller. This may occur when a cardholder is unable to present their physical or virtual RIW card to the Access Controller.  This allowance is reset every 12 months.

If the maximum allowance is exceeded, then the following message will appear on the Access Controllers RIW App when attempting to use the forgotten card function.

RIW cardholders should be encouraged to carry their physical RIW card or to install their virtual RIW card on their smart device.

NOTE: There is a 14 day grace period after a RIW card is first created for a cardholder, during which any number of cardless swipes can be performed. This will ensure a cardholder can access site while waiting for their card to be manufactured and posted.

If a cardholder has lost their card, please refer them to:

If a cardholder would like to install a virtual RIW card, please refer them to: