Kiosk Printer & Scanner Troubleshooting Guide

Please use this troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing issues with a Standing Kiosk printer.  


Kiosks are installed with a Citizen CL-S400DT Thermal Label and Barcode Printer with an accompanying Auto Cutter. 

Standing Kiosk Printer Images

Printer Front View
  • Power on/off switch is found on the front of the unit.
Printer Back View
  • Power in cable socket (large socket).
  • USB in.
Printer Top View
  • LCD status screen will display errors if the power LED is red.
  • POWER LED is found on the bottom left of the LCD status screen (circled).

Printer User Manuals

Printer user manuals can be found at the end of this article.

  • Refer pages 51-53 of the Citizen CL-S400DT Thermal Label and Barcode Printer User Manual for troubleshooting tips.
  • Refer page 15 of the Citizen CL-S400DT Auto Cutter User Manual for troubleshooting tips.

Common issues

Paper jam or Printer Misaligned?

  • Press grey button to open lid.
  • Check roller to see if sticky, and if so, clean.
  • Ensure paper is aligned correctly by using the black paper guides to move the roll from left to right.
  • Dust or debris in the printer may be causing the printer to jam.  To clean the printer, please refer to the manufacturer's user guide.
  • Ensure that the correct labels are used
    • For a kiosk printer - 100mm X 49mm
    • For a tablet printer - 100mm X 62mm

Label rolls that have perforations between labels are not to be used with either printer type.  These labels will cause the printer to jam.

  • If the kiosk printer is emitting a continuous beeping noise, the label roll needs to be re-loaded as per the Kiosk printer user guide.

Printer light flashing red?

  • When an abnormal condition is detected with the printer, an alarm sounds and the POWER LED lights up (red) to indicate the type of error.  The LCD screen will indicate the error message.
  • Please refer to page 20 of the Citizen CL-S400DT Thermal Label and Barcode Printer User Manual to identify the error and the appropriate resolution.

Printer cables connected?

  • Ensure power cable at the rear of the printer is firmly in place.
  • Ensure power cable is firmly connected into the power board.
  • Ensure USB cable at rear of the printer is firmly in place.
  • Ensure USB cable is connected firmly into the PC.

Printer out of paper?

  • Check paper roll. Is it out of paper?  If so, press grey button to open lid and change the roll.
  • Ensure the roll is lined up correctly by using the black paper guides to move the roll from left to right.  Refer to the Citizen CL-S400DT Thermal Label and Barcode Printer User Manual for further instructions.

Incorrect Details on Labels?

  • Check that the correct site name is appearing on the home screen of the kiosk or tablet.  If the incorrect site name is appearing the kiosk will need to be restarted to see if the name will update from a refresh from the RIW System. 
  • Check that the RIW Cardholder has selected the correct job role and used their RIW credentials to swipe in.  If the incorrect job role or credentials were used, swipe out and re-swipe in with the correct information.

Scanner not scanning Card?

  • If the sound of a "Beep" is played when scanning:
    • If a message is displayed advising that the RIW Cardholder has not met the site entry requirements.  Please refer this to your Site Administrator, Access Controller or your Employer Administrator for resolution.
    • Check to ensure that the QR code on the RIW Card is readable and able to be scanned.  If it is not able to be scanned, please use your virtual card (Vicarda) and contact your Employer Administrator to have your physical card replaced.
  • If no "Beep" sound is played when scanning:
    • Make sure there is sufficient lighting for the scanner to be able to scan the card. 
    • Make sure that the RIW Card is being held in front of the scanner at the correct angle to scan.  The RIW Card should be held parallel to the scanner unit.
    • Check that there is a solid light on the scanner.  If not, check that the scanner is plugged into the tablet or the kiosk PC.  To check the kiosk connection, you will need access to inside of the kiosk cabinet.

Still not working?

  • Restart the kiosk by powering the PC off by pressing the blue power button located at the front of the PC. Wait 30 seconds and power PC back on.  Check printer to see if this resolves the issue.
  • If the printer is still not functioning after attempting the troubleshooting tips above, please submit a RIW Hardware Technical Support Request at by selecting category & sub-category mentioned in the below screenshot: 

Citizen Printer Consumables

Citizen printer labels/stickers can be purchased from a number of suppliers.  


The label required is a 102mm x 48mm, 1 across (1000/roll) White Direct Thermal Perforated Label with permanent adhesive and 25mm core.  The code for the product is LAB10248X1DTWS25P.

A number of suppliers offer this label as follows:

RIW Knowledge Centre Article Link:


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