Kiosk Camera Troubleshooting Guide


Please use this troubleshooting guide if you are experiencing issues with a Kiosk camera.  If the issue is unable to be resolved by following the steps below, please submit a Service Request for Kiosk Maintenance. 

Kiosks are installed with a Logitec HD Pro C920 Webcam.   An image of the unit is found below: 

User Manual

A user manual for the camera can be found at the end of this article.

Common Issues

Camera not functioning?

  • Is the USB cable plugged into the PC?
  • Is anything blocking the camera?

Still not working?

  • Restart the kiosk by powering the PC off by pressing the blue power button located at the front of the PC. Wait 30 seconds and power PC back on.  Check camera to see if this resolves the issue. 
  • If the camera is still not functioning after attempting the troubleshooting tips above, please raise a RIW Hardware Technical Support Request at by selecting category & sub-category mentioned in the below screenshot: 

RIW Knowledge Centre Article Link:


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