How does a company send an e-learning request to non-RIW cardholder?

This instruction is for companies who wish to enrol non-RIW cardholders into an e-learning course. This can be achieved via a Service Request initiated from the RIW website. 

Step 1

Go to and choose E-Learning Request for Non RIW Cardholder from the drop down menu.

Step 2

Complete the details on the service request form, noting all fields with an asterisk(*) are compulsory. Select the appropriate course from the Course Name drop down. Click Submit when complete.

Step 3

Once the request has been submitted, a ticket will be raised with the RIW Service Desk, who will enrol the non-RIW cardholder into the RIW System.  Once the non-RIW cardholder has been enrolled, the RIW System will send an email to the non-RIW cardholder with their login details.

Step 4

The non-RIW cardholder can now click on the provided link, which will take them to the e-learning platform. They can log in with the username and temporary password assigned in their activation email.  Once logged in, they will be immediately be prompted to set a new password by entering the current password (the default as per the activation email), and then the new password. Click Save changes when complete.

Step 5

The non-RIW cardholder will then be taken to their preferences.  Click on the Dashboard menu item to proceed.

Step 6

The screen will then surface all the available e-learning courses available to the non-RIW cardholder.  Click on the course folder to access the course.

Step 7

Click on the course title to commence the course, or if required, view and download the course certificate once completed.

IMPORTANT: Certificates should be downloaded and stored somewhere for safe-keeping in the event a non-RIW cardholder becomes an RIW cardholder, at which time, the competency can be uploaded to the new cardholders profile in the RIW System.

Step 8

To begin the course, click on the Enter button.

NOTE: You may be required to enable pop-up windows when clicking the Enter button.  To enable this, click Options in your browser and then Allow pop-ups for  

Alternatively, you can opt to launch manually (if directed by your browser).

Step 9

Once the course has been completed, the non-RIW cardholder will be taken back to this screen. The Non-RIW Cardholder can download the certificate of completion by clicking on the Course Name with the Certificate Icon.

Step 10

Click on the Get your Certificate button. Once clicked, a PDF will be opened with the Non-RIW Cardholder’s Certificate of Completion. This document can be downloaded directly to your desktop or nominated file location.

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