How does a company add a new competency to a cardholders profile?

A unit of competency is a specification of knowledge or skill, which confirms that an RIW cardholder can operate effectively and perform particular tasks and duties to the standard of performance expected in the workplace. Competencies make up particular job role(s). If a cardholder does not have the required competencies, then they may be unable to fulfil the requirements of a particular job role and may not be allowed to access the site.

Competencies may only be added to a cardholder's profile by a company (the Employer of the RIW cardholder), a Registered Training Organisation or through e-Learning.  


For companies who wish to add a competency to a cardholder’s profile, follow the instructions below.

Step 1

Go to and login using your Employer Administrator credentials.

Step 2

Click on the People tab and then the Search For My People shortcut.

Step 3

Enter cardholder details into the search field, or leave blank and click on search to bring up the entire workforce. Select the cardholder you wish to allocate a competency to by highlighting their name and clicking on the Edit button.

Step 4

To assign a competency directly related to a job role, click on the Job Roles menu on the left hand side menu menu (if not related to a job role, go to Step 8). Find the competency you wish to provide evidence for in the Missing or Invalid Competencies column, and click on the competency name (example selected is Safely Access the Rail Corridor).

Step 5

Clicking on the competency name will display the Award Competency screen, pre-populated with the competency name. Amend the Award Date to the date the competency was awarded, then click on Select Files to upload the required evidence.

Step 6

On the Select Files pop-up upload evidence if requested by the RIW system. Browse for the file on your computer and click OK once uploaded. 

Step 7

On return to the Award Competency screen, and before clicking Add to finalise the competency upload, you can elect to Fast Track competency verification in 8 business hours for $55+GST. Please note that if you choose to fast track, the one fee will cover up to 20 competencies for each worker. Continue to add fast track competencies to the Shopping Basket, but don’t elect to pay until all competencies are added.

By default, Standard verification will apply, which will be processed within 2 business days.

Step 8

If the competency does not relate to a job role, then you can also add the competency direct on the relevant Competencies tab on the left hand side menu. Begin typing the competency name in the Competency field to find the competency to allocate. A drop down menu will appear when you start typing. Follow Steps 5 to 7 above to enter the competency award date and upload evidence files if required.

Step 9

To view the verification status, click on the Evidence Verification shortcut on the Main Dashboard.

If a competency is rejected, please refer to the article How does a company manage a rejected competency?.

Video - Assigning / Suspending Competencies

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