How to register a visitor to site in the RIW System

This article details how to create and manage visitors who are visiting sites that are linked to a Project. A visitor is someone who does not have an RIW card and is only visiting the site and not performing work. 

Note: At present the QR code available on a RIW System generated visitor pass cannot be read by an RIW Kiosk or Tablet device. When a visitor checks in at an RIW Kiosk, the Visitor must manually enter their details using the Visitor function on the RIW Kiosk.

However, from 9 December 2021, RIW Kiosks will be updated to allow RIW System generated visitor pass QR codes to be scanned, allowing for a quicker check in process at site.  

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Login at using your credentials.

Step 2: Visitors Menu

Click on the Visitors tab on the main dashboard.

Step 3: Register visitor

To register a visitor, click the Register Visitor button via the Visitor dashboard. 

Step 4: Search for visitor

Firstly, check to see whether the visitor already exists in the RIW database. Enter the visitor’s first name, surname and date of birth and click Search

If the visitor is located in the RIW System their details will appear below.

If the profile belongs to the visitor to be issued the pass, double click on the profile to open the Add Visitor screen to be updated if required, and for the new visitor pass to be issued.

Step 5: Add new visitor

If no matching record is found, the table will remain blank under the People section. Click the Add New Visitor button to commence adding a new visitor.

Step 6: Complete visitor details

On the Add Visitor screen, complete the required details noting that any fields highlighted with a red asterisk (*) are mandatory, including a visitor photograph. Add any required notes in the Notes text box provided. Note: Only sites linked to the assigned project will be available for selection from the drop down box.

To upload a photograph, click the Upload hyperlink under the placeholder image.

Step 7: Upload visitor photo

On the Image Upload screen, click Choose File and browse the computer to locate the photograph. Click Upload when complete.

Step 8: Crop visitor photo

Once the image has been uploaded, crop the image if required by hovering the mouse over the image and dragging to move the highlight box across the photograph until the position is correct. When complete click Crop and Save

The new image will now be associated with the Visitor’s record along with the date that the image was updated. The image will now form part of the Visitor Pass.

Step 9: Save Visitor Pass

Click the Save and Print Visitor Pass when all details have been updated.

Step 10: Print visitor pass

The RIW System will now present the visitor pass as a PDF file. The visitor pass can be downloaded or printed at this point using the available icons in the top right hand corner of screen. 

The passes are designed so they can be cut to fit into a typical card wallet. Alternatively, email the visitor pass to the visitor so they have a digital copy.

Note: Ensure pop up blockers have been disabled for the browser in use, as the pass will load on a new tab in the browser.

Step 11

A confirmation that the pass has been generated is then displayed.

Click the Return to Visitors link to repeat the process to add another visitor if required.

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