What are the report refresh times for Power BI?

This article details the data refresh times for all reports in the RIW System Power BI integration. 

The refresh time is when the data is retrieved from the RIW System. The data is available approximately 1 hour after the refresh time.


For more information about how to request Power BI integration, please refer to Connecting a new user to Power BI Reporting.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System user roles with Power BI integration: 

  • Client Manager
  • Employer Admin 
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Employer Admin - Read Only
  • Helpdesk
  • Network Manager
  • Network Manager - Read Only

The refresh schedule for RIW System Power BI integrated reports is:

  • 03:00hrs AEST/AEDT (Client Manager report only)
  • 04:00hrs AEST/AEDT
  • 06:00hrs AEST/AEDT 
  • 09:00hrs AEST/AEDT 
  • 12:00hrs AEST/AEDT 
  • 14:00hrs AEST/AEDT 
  • 16:00hrs AEST/AEDT 
  • 18:00hrs AEST/AEDT 
  • 21:00hrs AEST/AEDT 

To view the data refresh time


Open the Power BI Report. Refer to Connecting a new user to Microsoft Power BI reporting for more information.


The data refresh time is available by clicking on the down arrow next to the Data updated menu on the top of the screen.

The drop down will show the last data refresh time.

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