How to request additional Medical Provider logins

Medical Provider Users (Authorised Health Professionals) can request additional Medical Provider logins to assist in the lodging of medical results in their practice by administrative staff. These additional Medical Provider Users have the same access as a Medical Provider login.

To create an additional Medical Provider User, a Service Request needs to be raised with the RIW Service Desk.

Before starting the Service Request, have the following information to hand:


  1. Full Name of the new Medical Provider User
  2. Unique email address of new Medical Provider User

To raise a Service Request, go to and click on the Contact button and from the dropdown, select Service Request.

Upon launching the Service Request form, from the dropdown in the Request Category box select AHP Registration / Login / Delete / Update details. In the Request Category, select Login. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.  All the fields down to the Comments field are the details of the requester.

Please add the full name and email address for the new login in the Comments field.

Check that all the information is correct and click Send.

Alternatively, you can also submit a service request through the RIW BOT located in the bottom right hand corner of the RIW website. You can either click on the below icon on the RIW website, or if you are already in the BOT, please click on the back arrow to return to the BOT menu.


Please choose the Service Requests menu item, enter in your contact details and then choose the AHP Registration & Management option when prompted. Complete the request and submit for action by the RIW Service Desk.

The request will be processed by the RIW Service Desk and a login will be sent to the new Medical Provider User.

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