How to request additional Medical Provider logins

Medical Provider Users (Authorised Health Professionals, or AHP's) can request additional Medical Provider logins to assist in the lodging of medical results in their practice by administrative staff. These additional Medical Provider Users have the same access as a Medical Provider login.

To create an additional Medical Provider User, an AHP Management Service Request needs to be raised with the RIW Service Desk at by selecting category & sub-category mentioned in the below screenshot:

PLEASE NOTE: The Service Request has to be raised by the AHP so that it can be clarified that the new login is authorised.

Before starting the Service Request, have the following information to hand:


  1. Full name of the new Medical Provider User
  2. Unique email address of new Medical Provider User

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.  Please make it clear that you are an AHP and are requesting a login for one of your staff.

Please add the full name and email address for the new login in the Comments field.

Check that all the information is correct and click Send.

The request will be processed by the RIW Service Desk and a login will be sent to the new Medical Provider User.

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