Kiosk error message - Preparing kiosk in the background: Please wait…

Error MessagePreparing kiosk in the background: Please wait…

This message implies that the Kiosk application has been restarted and is preparing to be launched. In the event this screen is still showing after 5 minutes, it may indicate a disruption in the network to the kiosk.

To rectify the issue, follow steps below first.  If issue persist contact the RIW Service Desk for support.


Troubleshooting steps

  • Open Kiosk door. 
  • Restart PC device (little black box inside kiosk – button should be on the side).
  • Wait for device to restart and launch.     
  • Confirm network is still available (check router lights are flashing green).
  • Wait 5 minutes to see if the error message is resolved.


NOTE: Avoid restarting the kiosk directly from the power point, which will also restart the router.  Routers can sometimes take up to 10 minutes to connect.

Still not working?

If the kiosk is still not functioning after attempting the troubleshooting tips above, please raise a RIW Hardware Technical Support Request at by selecting category & sub-category mentioned in the below screenshot:   

RIW Knowledge Centre article link:

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