What are the medical and drug & alcohol result outcomes?

The following table shows the RIW System outcome from a medical or drug & alcohol screening result selected by an Authorised Health Professional.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • Medical Provider User
  • Helpdesk

Medical Result

Medical result selected 

Pass/Fail Outcome 

Fit for Duty Unconditional 

Fit for Duty 

Fit for Duty Conditional 

Fit for Duty 

Fit for Duty Subject to Job Modification 

Fit for Duty 

Fit for Duty Subject to Review 

Fit for Duty

Temporarily Unfit 

Not Fit for Duty

Permanently Unfit 

Not Fit for Duty 

A medical result recorded as either Temporarily Unfit or Permanently Unfit may change the validity of certain competencies and/or job roles the cardholder holds, which may impact their authority to work.

Drug & Alcohol Result

Where a drug and/or alcohol screen is required as part of the cardholder’s medical - i.e. a new medical, change of medical category etc. - the AHP can record the outcome. 

The following table shows the RIW System outcome for the selected result by the AHP. 

Drug & Alcohol Test result selectedPass / Fail Outcome
Confirmed PositiveFail
Test RefusalFail
No Test RequiredPass

If either of the separate drugs and/or alcohol test results are recorded as Fail, it will affect the cardholder’s authority to work as an immediate and an automatic National Block will be imposed. 

This means the cardholder will not be able work on participating RIW program rail networks. 

However, each network can decide independently whether the block can be lifted for their network alone. 

Random, post-incident and show cause D&A tests

These types of D&A tests are not managed via an AHP login.  Where a Network Operator conducts D&A testing under their Drug and Alcohol Management Program, any confirmed positives or failures will be managed via the RIW Program Blocks and Suspension Rules.

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