What is the RIW System Hierarchy?

The RIW System has been designed around privacy, ensuring the highest level of security is maintained and that permission is sought from an RIW cardholder before their information is shared with other companies. Different levels of permission access ensures a greater focus on privacy and security. Permissions are cascaded down, meaning that administrators only have visibility of their privilege level or lower, and cannot search the system for information that they don’t have permission to view.


Network Operators including Network Operator - Read only: Network Operators have view rights to all RIW cardholders who are active on their network or hold the relevant Network Operator Rail Corridor Access Job Role (i.e. MTM - Operator, ARTC - Operator). Network Operators are able to edit profiles to place blocks in the event of an investigation or incident.

Employer Administrators (EA) includes- EA, EA no payment, EA read only and Premium Functionality Employers: Employer Administrators are able to view and manage their workforce, including projects that have been assigned to them as the Contractor in Charge.

Advanced Project Administrators: Permission designed to assist Employer Administrators with managing their own and the workforce of a designated project.

Project Administrators: Permission designed to manage the workforce specifically on a project.

Site Administrators: Permission designed to manage the workforce specifically on a site within a project.

Authorised Health Professionals: Permission designed to manage recording of medicals, drug and alcohol assessments, work restrictions and risk assessments of RIW cardholders.

Registered Training Organisations: Permission designed to manage issue of competencies to RIW cardholders, which includes core identifying cardholder information and high level medical or work restrictions which may impact the issue of a competency (such as medical category for a safe working competency).

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