What are the different types of cardholder relationships in the RIW System?

This article details the different relationships a cardholder can have with companies and Networks in the RIW System.

A cardholder can only have one Primary Employer in the RIW System, however can also have up to two Secondary Employers and unlimited associated employers.  


The following cardholder relationships are available in the RIW System:

Primary Employer

A Primary Employer is the Rail Industry Worker's direct employer who has full access and edit rights to their profile. Primary Employers are responsible for maintaining a worker's annual subscription. A worker requires a Primary Employer to have authority to work using their RIW card. 

Secondary Employer

A Secondary Employer supports transient Rail Industry Worker's who may work for multiple employers. A Secondary Employer has limited edit rights to their profile, but can add competencies and job roles to their profile. A worker can have one Primary Employer and up to two Secondary Employers if the share employment flag is enabled on their profile by their Primary Employer. When a worker swipes into site, they are able to select a primary or secondary company as their employer for the shift.

Associated Company

Associated companies have advance visibility of a Rail Industry Worker before they arrive on site. This is typically used to ensure a cardholder is compliant with the employer’s work requirements ahead of time. An associated company has view only rights to the worker's profile, but can add competencies and job roles to the profile. Note: when a cardholder swipes into site they are unable to select an associated company as their employer for the day as they are not employed by this company on a primary or secondary basis.

Linkage or automatic association to a cardholders profile upon swipe in

The Network Operator and Contractor in Charge of a project has automatic linkage to a profile once the cardholder is swiped on a site under that Network/project. The Contractor in Charge has view only rights to the RIW profile, but can add competencies and job roles if required. The Network Operator has view only rights. This relationship is severed once the Rail Industry Worker swipes into another Network/Project/Site.

Rail Corridor Access Job Role

Network Operators have automatic visibility of cardholders who hold the Networks' Rail Corridor Access Job Role. They are unable to add competencies or job roles to the cardholder's profile.

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