How does a company update status options for a Rail Industry Worker?

This article details how to update status options for a Rail Industry Worker.

Status Options allows an employer to assign or un-assign certain access right to a newly created or existing worker by checking/unchecking the relevant flag(s).

For more information on how to update notification preferences, which is also available on this screen, refer to How can a company update communication preferences for a Rail Industry Worker?

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Helpdesk


Go to and log in using your credentials.


Click on Search for My People.

Use the search filters to locate the Rail Industry Worker and click Search. Once located, click on the worker's profile and Edit.


On the Rail Industry Worker's profile, click on Status Options from the left-hand menu.

You can now check and uncheck any  of the status options. Read on below for descriptions for each status.
  • Access Controller - An Access Controller is the term given to a Rail Industry Worker who can swipe workers in and out site. They can check competencies of cardholders to ensure compliance, award site-based competencies, and monitor adherence to site requirements. This person could be for example, but not limited to; a Track Force Protection Coordinator, Protection Officer or Site Supervisor. An Access Controller can use the RIW App or Web Card Reader to perform access controlling.
  • Spot Checker Only - A Spot Checker is a Rail Industry Worker with the permission to check compliance of other Rail Industry Worker's. This could be for example, a site safety representative, an auditor or a rail safety officer from the Office of the National Rail Safety Regulator. The Spot Checker can use the RIW App or Web Card Reader to perform spot checks.
  • Can Self Swipe - Can be assigned to Rail Industry Workers who work alone who can swipe themselves in and out of site. They are not authorised to swipe in other Rail Industry Workers.
Can Self Swipe does not prevent the cardholder from also being swiped in by an approved Access Controller as part of a team.
  • Share employment - This flag allows the Rail Industry Worker profile to be shared as a secondary employment relationship with other companies. In the case of secondary employment, only the primary employer has edit rights, and this status only changes if the cardholder’s primary employment is changed to another shared employer. The cardholder must approve any secondary employment requests in myRIW before access to their profile is granted. This flag can be unticked at any time by the primary employer of the cardholder. If the flag is unticked the cardholder will automatically lose the employment of the secondary companies and the companies will be notified by email.
  • New To Industry - This flag will prominently identify the worker as New To Industry on the RIW App or Web Card Reader when they swipe into site.
  • Visitor - This flag is set automatically if the individual was created as a visitor during the visitor registration process.
Deselecting the Visitor? checkbox will change the person’s record into a non-visitor record and allow them to be found during a person search and employed following the normal procedures.

If any of the status options are changed, click Save.

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