How can a company assign self swiping to a cardholder?

The article details how a company can assign self-swiping functionality to a cardholder.  This functionality is useful for cardholders who work alone, which allows them to swipe in and out of a site without the need for checking in with an Access Controller.  

NOTE: A cardholder with self-swipe enabled is not authorised to swipe in other cardholders.

NOTE: Providing self-swiping functionality does not prohibit the cardholder from also being swiped in by an approved Access Controller as part of a team.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin 
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Helpdesk

Step 1: Log into the RIW System

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2: Search for cardholder

Click on the People tab or the Search for My People shortcut on the main dashboard.

Step 3: Select cardholder

Enter a search field or leave blank to bring up the entire workforce by clicking SEARCH. Select the cardholder by highlighting their name and clicking on the EDIT button. 

Step 4: Go to Status Options

Click on the Status Options tab on the left hand side menu of the cardholders profile. Tick the Can Self Swipe box and then click SAVE.  

To remove this status from a cardholder, just remove the tick and click SAVE.

The cardholder will then be able to log into the RIW App or Web Card Reader with their RIW card and use the self swipe functionality.

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