How can a company view the shift activity of a cardholder?

This article details how a company can view the shift activity of a cardholder.

Swipe in and swipe out data for a cardholder across a project and/or site provides shift information. A project and/or site must be identified before shift data can be displayed.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Assessor
  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment
  • Employer Admin - Read Only
  • Helpdesk
  • Network Manager
  • Network Manager - Read Only
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin

Step 1: Log in to the RIW System

Go to and login using your credentials.

Step 2: Search for People

On the main dashboard, click on the Search for People  shortcut.




Step 3: Search criteria

Complete search criteria to find the cardholder and click on the Search button.



Step 4: Highlight cardholder

From the returned results, highlight the cardholder row and click on the Edit button.


Step 5: Access the Shift menu

Click on the Shift tab from the left hand side menu of the cardholders profile.

A project and/or site must be identified before shift data can be displayed.  Click in the Project field and commence typing to reveal a drop down list of available projects, and then similarly for the Site field.  

By default, shifts for the project and/or site selected during the last month is displayed, however, the date and time filters can be adjusted to change the period displayed.  Click Search when complete.

Step 6: Swipes Menu - An alternative approach to access shift data

Shift data may also be accessed by going to the Swipes menu available from the tab menu.  This provides the user with a number of ways to analyse the swipe and shift activity of cardholders, by toggling a number of filters such as network, project, site, zone, job role or date/time.

As per above, a project and/or site must be identified before shift data can be displayed.  Click Search once the filters have been set.

When the results have been returned, click on the Shifts menu on the left hand side. 

If a wide date range has been selected, use the horizontal scroll bar to view days which are off to the right of the screen. Hover over a shift period (indicated by a red block) to reveal details about the shift.

Step 7: Export results

Once the required selection is made, the report can be exported to a .CSV file by clicking on the Export button.

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