How does a company add a kiosk site induction?

Kiosk Site Inductions are Kiosk-specific and awarded to cardholders at Kiosk sites, i.e. they cannot be awarded at regular sites or via the usual methods of awarding competencies.  Kiosk site inductions (which are considered a competency in the RIW System) can only be created by the RIW Service Desk by submitting a Service Request.

To do so please go to and choose the Create / Edit / Delete Competencies (Network Operator, Employer Admin, RTO) from the Service Request Category drop down box.

Fill in the details, noting the mandatory fields. 

Alternatively, you can also submit a service request through the RIW BOT located in the bottom right hand corner of the RIW website. You can either click on the below icon on the RIW website, or if you are already in the BOT, please click on the back arrow to return to the BOT menu.


Please choose the Service Requests menu item, enter in your contact details and then choose the Competency Management option when prompted. Complete the request and submit for action by the RIW Service Desk.

Once created, Administrators can add a kiosk site induction to the site requirements by following the instructions in our RIW Knowledge Centre articles:

RIW Knowledge Centre Article Link:

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