What does offline mode mean for an RIW System enabled Kiosk, Tablet or Turnstile?

When an RIW System enabled Kiosk or Tablet goes into offline mode,  there is no internet connectivity to the device.

Kiosks and tablets can operate in this modified state for 72 hours without connectivity.

Please note that during periods of no internet connectivity, kiosks and tablets are not receiving any updates from the RIW System or sending any updates to the RIW System. Once the Kiosk or Tablet comes back online, data will be updated.

Any turnstiles associated with a Kiosk or Tablet at a site that goes into offline mode will continue to provide or deny access based on their kiosks authority to work outcome.

Step 1: Recognise Offline Mode

If the WiFi symbol with a strike through appears in the top right hand corner of the Welcome screen, then the kiosk or tablet is offline.

Step 2: Operation in Offline Mode

While in offline mode, the Kiosk will be able to support cardholder sign in and sign out for all those cardholders who have signed in to the same Kiosk in last 28 days (when online). The Kiosk will complete the authority to work checks for these cardholders based on the authority to work outcome recorded against the cardholder in last 28 days. 

If a cardholder has not signed in to the kiosk in the last 28 days, unfortunately they will be unable to swipe in when a Kiosk is in offline mode.  The cardholder should check with the Site Access Controller or Site Supervisor for access.

If the Kiosk has continuously been in offline mode for more than (72) hours, it will automatically go into ‘Maintenance Mode’ and will not be able to support cardholder sign in or sign out showing the above error.


Sign in and sign out records captured in an offline mode will be uploaded to the RIW System once the Kiosk or Tablet is connected back to internet and communications are available.

Please refer to our RIW Knowledge Centre article Kiosk Troubleshooting Guide for directions on troubleshooting issues. In the case of offline mode, please check availability of local network connectivity first.


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