How does a company primarily employ a cardholder who they secondarily employed?

All cardholders in the RIW System must have a current primary employer to meet the minimum requirements to use an RIW card. Therefore, where a cardholders' employment is shared, and the primary employment relationship is terminated, the following functionality is provided to assist secondary employers to employ the cardholder in a primary capacity.

On termination of the primary employment, an email is sent to the primary contact of the cardholders' secondary employers, alerting them that a leave date has been applied to the cardholder's primary employment relationship.

As a cardholder can have up to two secondary employers in the RIW System, either secondary employer then has the option to become the primary employer on a first come, first served basis. 

Note: If in the interim another new company employs the cardholder, this new company will automatically become the primary employer. As standard for a primary employer, the right to set the Share Employment flag lies with them, so it would be possible in such a situation for a new primary employer to deactivate the Share Employment setting on the cardholder’s record. At which point, any secondary employment opportunities are immediately terminated.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin
  • Employer Admin - No Payment


When a primary employment relationship is ended, a secondary employer will receive a system notification alerting them that the cardholder has ended their primary employment relationship.

As a secondary employer, you can now make this cardholder a primary employee.


Go to and login using your credentials.


Click on the Search My People shortcut from the main dashboard and use the Search criteria to find the cardholder's profile.  From the returned list, highlight the cardholder row and click the Edit button.


Click on the Employment History tab from the left hand side menu on the cardholder profile.


The Employer section details the current employment relationships for the cardholder. You now have the option to make the employment relationship a primary one. First, click on the row where your company name is listed, and then click on Make Primary Employer.

Once clicked, a confirmation box will appear. Click OK to confirm.


The Primary Employer column will now show your company as the primary employer.  You now have full access rights to the cardholders profile, including being responsible for payment of their annual cardholder fee.

Changing from secondary employer to primary employer can only be done if there is no other active Primary Employer relationship listed for this cardholder in the RIW System.

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