How to create multiple user roles / colleague logins for the same user?

This article describes how to create multiple user roles for the same user using one set of login credentials.  This functionality is also known as the User Role Permission Switcher.

Many RIW System users perform multiple roles, and this feature allows users to change role without logging in using different login credentials each time.

For example, an RIW System User can switch between a Network Manager login, then to a company Employer Admin login, then to a Medical Provider User, all using the same singular login credential.

In order to use the User Role Permission Switcher, new user profiles must be created with the same username and email address for each permission required for the switcher to work.

Important! RIW System users are only able to create a login if their permission allows them to do so (please refer to the Permission Matrix at the end of this article).  If there is an RIW System User Role that a user wishes to have added to their switcher that they are unable to create due to their permissions, please contact the relevant account owner or the RIW Service Desk.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Advanced Project Admin
  • Employer Admin
  • Helpdesk
  • Network Manager
  • Project Admin
  • Site Admin
  • Training Provider User

Adding a new user role to an existing user


Go to and login using your credentials.


Click on My Account > Manage Colleague Logins.


On the Manage Colleague Logins screen, click on the Add button.


On the Create a Colleague’s User Account select the most appropriate User Role you wish to add, then entering the the user’s First Name, Surname, Email Address and User Name.

You will need to use the exact Email Address and User Name of an existing user (which can also be you) before proceeding.

Click Save when complete.


You will be prompted with the following warning message, which identifies that an account for this user already exist. Click on Confirm New Profile to proceed.

The user will receive an email to advise that a new user profile has been created for them. They can then use the permission switcher to switch between user roles.

How to use the permission switcher


Go to and login using your credentials.


If you have the permission switcher enabled on your credential, the Change link will be present in the top right hand corner of the screen, against the current user role.

Click Change to select a different profile.  

System functionality will now change to that of the selected user role.

RIW user role creation permission matrix

The table below outlines RIW System user roles and the corresponding user roles they can create using the Manage Colleague Logins function described above.  If an RIW System user requires a user role they are unable to create themselves, please  contact the Primary Contact at your company or complete the Request for update to AHP or Assessor log in to enable the switcher Service Request available on the RIW website for Assessor and Medical Provider (AHP) logins.

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