Cardholder ID Photo Orientation Issue

Since the release of Windows 8 (and later Windows 10) operating system, Microsoft introduced a feature called photo orientation. This feature reads the service information of graphic files and automatically shows each photo with the correct orientation, even if the original photo is rotated to the left, right or even upside down.

The below example explains how the feature works.

Original photo with upside down orientation

Additional details of this photo in Windows 10 shows that it is rotated 180 degrees.

Same photo in Windows 8 or 10

This means that when the photo gets uploaded to the RIW System or any other non-Windows (older Windows) device/platform, it will display upside down, despite it looking correct in the Windows 8/10 operating systems.

Example of the same photo in the RIW System

This feature has been a topic for debate since its introduction, however no updates/additional options have been added by Microsoft to date.

Please find a link to a related Microsoft Community discussion regarding this feature: Disable Photo Auto Rotate Win 10



In order to upload the photo to the RIW system, it needs to be saved with a correct orientation.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Paint

Open the photo in Microsoft Paint application. You can do this easily by right clicking on the photo icon and choosing Open With a select Paint.


Step 2: Change orientation / Rotate

Click on the Rotate button and choose the correct rotation required. In this case, the image needs to be rotated 180 degrees.

Step 3: Save photo

Within the Microsoft Paint application click on File, then select Save As, and then select JPEG Picture.



Step 4: Rename file

Enter the name of the file and click Save. 



It is recommended not to overwrite the original file and save the new one with a different name.


This newly saved photo can now be uploaded to RIW System without orientation issues.

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