How can a cardholder view their employment and association relationships in myRIW?

The article details how you can view your employment and association relationships in myRIW.

This instruction applies to the following user roles:

  • Rail Industry Worker (myRIW)


Go to and login using your credentials.


Click on the Employers & Associations tile on the home dashboard.


On the Employers & Associations screen, a cardholder can view their employers and associations. 

In the example below, the cardholder has both an active primary and secondary employer, and one associated company. They also have one inactive primary employer.  For more information about the type of cardholder relationships in the RIW System, please read What are the different types of cardholder relationships in the RIW System?

From here, a cardholder can end an association relationship at any time by clicking on the End Association button, or End Primary Employment or End Secondary Employment.  Check out the following articles for more information on how this works:

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