How to request a Cardholder Work Experience Log Book?

Companies or cardholders may require an extract of a Rail Industry Worker's swipe history which can be used as evidence for an assessment or job role assessment application.  The Cardholder Work Experience Log Book report will return all swipes recorded on Networks, Projects, Sites and Zones for a requested job role.  The purpose of this request is to provide an authentic, non-altered representation of work undertaken in the form of swipe data from the RIW System that has been captured over a period of time.

To request the RIW Cardholder Work Experience Log Book, please fill in the Cardholder Work Experience Log Book Request at by selecting category and sub-category mentioned in the screenshot below:

To complete the request, fill in the cardholder's name, RIW number, Employer, Job Role, Start/End dates and details for who to send the report to.  

Click Submit when complete.

The RIW Service Desk will process the request and email the recipient within 3 business days. 

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