What happens when an RIW System enabled Kiosk or Tablet is in site closed mode?

When an RIW System enabled Kiosk or Tablet goes into site closed mode, it means the kiosk or tablet is unable to swipe workers in or out of site.  This may be due to an RIW System scheduled service interruption (which will be communicated prior to the event) or an unplanned service interruption.

When a kiosk or tablet is operating in site closed mode, alternative methods for swiping cardholders is advised, such as using the RIW App.

IMPORTANT: If a site has an associated turnstile, the turnstile should be manually powered down/switched off during the service interruption window.

Step 1: Recognise Site Closed Mode

The following site closed message will appear on a kiosk or tablet screen when the site has been closed.

Step 2: Operation in Site Closed Mode

While in site closed mode, the Kiosk will be unable to support cardholder sign in / out or authority to work checks.  Please use an alternative method for checking authority to work, such as using near-field communication to read RIW card data via the RIW App.

Please refer to the RIW System Updates page which will list any planned service interruptions, including the time services will resume.

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