How to set up and use self swipe in the RIW App

This article has been developed to assist those RIW cardholders that have self swipe permission for the RIW App.  

Self Swipe access for RIW Cardholders has to be granted by an administrator and configured in the RIW System.


This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles: 

  • Helpdesk
  • Access Controllers
  • Spot Checkers
  • myRIW - RIW Cardholder


Step 1: Open the RIW App

Open the RIW App on your device by clicking on the icon.

Step 2: Load your Card

Load your RIW Card either by scanning your physical card or by accessing your virtual card in in Vircarda.

Step 3: Vircarda - 2 Step Authentication

Selecting the Vircarda option will prompt the request for 2 step authentication which can be sent via SMS or email.  Once the code has been entered, click the OK button

Step 4: Network Setup

Select the Network for your site and click the Proceed button.

Step 5: Project, Site and Zone Setup

Select the Project, Site and Zone (if applicable) and click the Proceed button.


Step 6: Access via your Card

Either click on the virtual card that has been loaded or scan your physical card.

Step 6: Swipe in/Out

Either click on the Swipe In/Out icon.

The Location for the swipe in can be changed at this point by clicking on the Location icon.

Step 7: Confirm Job Role

Select the appropriate Job Role.  Once this has been completed, Click the Confirm Swipe button.

Step 8: Confirmation of Swipe In

The following screen should appear to confirm that the swipe has been successful.

Step 9: Next Step

As the app has recorded the cardholder as swiped in, the next step is Swipe Out of Site and this this the option that the app will offer.

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