Kiosk start up guide

This guide has been developed to provide the sequence on how to start up a kiosk from the powered down position.

Once the kiosk is powered, the unit should begin it's start up sequence automatically. The following process is a troubleshooting guide if this automatic process or a restart of the device does not initiate.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Helpdesk
  • Network Manager
  • Network Manager - Read Only
  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer)
  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer) - No Payment
  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer) - Read Only
  • Employer Administrator
  • Employer Administrator - No Payment
  • Employer Administrator - Read Only
  • Advanced Project Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Site Administrator

Front view of kiosk including internal components

Please refer to this to identify components and their location.

Step 1: Check external power

Check that the kiosk is plugged into an operational GPO.

Step 2: Open the cabinet

Locate the cabinet keys and unlock the cabinet of the kiosk  The locking mechanism is located on the side of the kiosk, halfway down the door.

Step 3: Check the internal powerboard

Make sure that the powerboard within the kiosk is powered and all powercords are plugged into the powerboard

Step 4: Power on the PC

Press the power button on the PC.  The button will illuminate blue once the button has been pressed on.

Step 5: Microsoft Windows preparation

The kiosk will start to load the Windows operating system.  The kiosk screen will display Preparing kiosk in the background.  Please wait.

This loading process may take up to 15 minutes, depending on the internet setup and internet speed.

NOTE: The preparation of the kiosk is dependent on the internet connection and speed.  If there are concerns regarding the internet connection, please refer to: Kiosk with no internet connection

Step 6: Start up complete

When the Welcome to RIW screen appears, the kiosk is operational.

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