Turnstile Troubleshooting Guide

This guide has been developed to assist RIW administrators that are on site and have concerns with the operation of a turnstile.

This instruction applies to the following RIW System User Roles:

  • Helpdesk
  • Network Manager
  • Network Manager - Read Only
  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer)
  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer) - No Payment
  • Employer Administrator (Premium Functionality Employer) - Read Only
  • Employer Administrator
  • Employer Administrator - No Payment
  • Employer Administrator - Read Only
  • Advanced Project Administrator
  • Project Administrator
  • Site Administrator

Turnstile Locked in place and will not move

Pl is restarting

The PI is a part of the operating system of the turnstile.  This may have attempted to restart and can take up to 5 minutes to complete this process.  If the turnstile has been continually locked in place for over 5 minutes, there may be another cause.

Faulty Gate/Scanner or Pl

To check if the gate and scanner are operating correctly, the scanner light should illuminate and emit a beep on a scan attempt.  If this does happen, please make sure this is noted for a possible report to the RIW Service Desk.

Physical Damage

Check the turnstile for any evidence of damage that may have occurred of inflicted.  If so, please take note of this damage as this will need to be reported to the RIW Service Desk.


Turnstile allowing free entry and exit

Power to the Turnstile

Check that the light on the scanner is illuminated and the turnstile has power.  If there is no power to the turnstile, the safety mechanism will allow the turnstile to admit and exit all.

Emergency Glass Broken

Check the emergency glass. If this has been broken this will need to be investigated for any safety concerns and reported to the RIW Service Desk.

Evacuation Mode

Check that your site has not been placed in Evacuation Mode. This is a mode set in RIW that will send messages to all RIW Cardholders that have swiped into the site and set the turnstile to allow for everyone to exit. If the site is in Evacuation Mode, please follow your evacuation procedures and take directions from your safety officer.

Turnstile not allowing entry

Sign In

Please ensure that the cardholder has successfully signed into sight and has authority to work. Turnstiles are also incompatible with virtual cards so please ensure that the worker attempts access by using their physical card or printed sticker issued by the kiosk/tablet.

Turnstile not allowing exit

Restarting the Turnstile

This can occur when the turnstile unit has been restarted. Please allow up to 5 minutes to allow the unit to restart completely. Ensure that the card/sticker is in good condition so that it can be read by the turnstile scanner.

Turnstile slow to respond

Contacting the Service Desk

There are several potential causes for a turnstile to respond slowly, if it is prolonged please contact the RIW Service Desk so our technical team can investigate the issue further.

Any further issues or concerns?

Contacting the Service Desk

If you need extra assistance, please contact the Service Desk on 1300 101 682 or raise a Service Request at https://www.riw.net.au/contact-us/request-a-service/ by selecting category & sub-category mentioned in the below screenshot: 

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