What is a job role?

A job role is a particular task that a Rail Industry Worker can demonstrate they have the competency to perform in the rail industry. 

A job role usually contains a number of competency, rail health (medical) assessment, drug or alcohol test pass, or additional medical information requirements which have been determined by the National Rail Industry Worker Matrices Committee, Network Operators, Principal Contractors, Premium Functionality Employers and subject matter experts. 

Job roles are detailed in the applicable RIW Matrix. For more information, please refer to What are the RIW Matrices and how were they developed?

Job roles can be added to a Rail Industry Worker profile to demonstrate a worker is competent to perform a role. If a worker does not have the required job role, they may not be permitted to work on a site in that capacity. Job roles can be categorised as National, Network or Employer. 

  • National – a job role that is nationally recognised, such as Around the Track Personnel.
  • Network – a job role that is specific to a network, such as MTM- Handsignaller, ARTC – Track Force Protection Coordinator or V/Line – Operator.
  • Employer – a job role that is specific to a Premium Functionality Employer. Employer-based job roles can only be created and assigned by Premium Functionality Employers.

To fulfil the requirements of a job role, a cardholder must be able to demonstrate they hold the correct competencies, requirements, such as a rail health (medical) assessment or drug/alcohol test pass, or that the job role has had an assessment performed by an approved Assessor.  

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